Friday, March 5, 2010

Well, I went and did it again...

Yup, I went and entered the quilting bloggers quilt contest.  This week's theme is Little Girls and there are lots of entries.  Among all those beautiful quilts is my little quilt, and I would be most appreciative if you would please take a little time and vote for my little creation.  Here is a picture...
I call it G's baby quilt on the contest.  I made it a couple of years ago for a friend of mine at work who was pregnant with her first baby I used patterns from several different places and put them together to make this little medallion quilt. I don't know if I'll win, but every vote helps :cD  Thanks in advance!

Speaking of polls I did go ahead and post a poll in my side bar about which larger quilt I should finish next. I have 2 baby quilts on the BLCE list that I am going to get done first then whichever quilt wins on the poll.  After posting it, I realized I should probably post pictures so you all know which one you're voting for (especially if you're a new visitor and haven't seen pictures of them yet), so here ya go...

the hunter green / maroon/ brown quilt

the black and white quilt

the 30's sampler

the blue and yellow stars
My motivation to finish the UFOs is still high, its my decision making skills that are lacking a bit.  Every once in a while it can feel just a little overwhelming.  There are still times I look at all the tops and blocks in my closet and just think "Wow! How did I end up with so many unfinished projects?"  Not that an unfinished project is bad in its self, I have many orphan blocks that where very helpful in developing my sewing skills, but part of the reason I got into this hobby was I loved the balance of artistic and utilitarian...and if I don't get them done, where's the "utilitarian" part, right?  So anyhoo, if you would all be so kind, please take a couple seconds to vote on my next big quilt finish. 

Well, another weekend is upon us, and we actually have SUNSHINE!!! The sky here has been so gray, I almost forgot how blue it is...just beautiful.  So in honor of the impending spring weather, I spruced up my blog a bit.  I like the cheery colors and bright color scheme.  I am scheduled to work all weekend, so hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in some sewing, blogging, and running time between it all. I am on my way to cut strips for the postage stamp quilt along and try to make a little more progress on it.  I hope you  all have a great weekend. Warmest country wishes!!

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Scrappy-Quilter said...

I will have to go vote on your lovely quilt. I did a 30s Sampler actually two if you want to go back on my blog and find out how I did my borders and such they might inspire you on that one.
Sounds like you are making some great progress on your quilting things. Keep at it your list is slowly shrinking and it's only March!