Saturday, December 5, 2009

Some progress and a finish!

Hi everyone! Boy did this past week fly, I can't believe its been a week already since my last post. Things have been going pretty well. Its nice to have a breather once in a while :) Life has been busy, school, work, keeping up with the housework, and still finding time to sew. But I have to say that overall I'm quite happy with things right now. Could they be better, yes...but they could always be worse so I'm pretty darned content ;) I've been able to make some progress on my Charming Windows. I was able to add two rows this past week. I was in the mood for some hand sewing this week so this is the project that came out to play. I am so in love with this quilt, I'm not sure how big its going to end up, I've just decided that I'm going to buy a yard of the background I'm using and when its all gone (or the quilt has gotten big enough for my taste) then it will be done. I also love the fact that I'm actually making one of those "someday-I'm-gonna" type quilts (you know the type...Grandma's flower garden, Double wedding ring, Cathedral windows, Apple know;) )

I'm also happy to share a finish! I got the kitty quilt done. I did go ahead and add hearts to the kitty bellies. I think its a cute one. I'm still deciding where its going to end up, gifted, sold, or staying with us since my one mouseling just loves kitty cats:D

Finally the family and I got to watch Kung Fu Panda this past week, we hadn't seen it before and all thought it was a very cute movie. One line stuck out to me and I thought it was a great line to live by. I don't remember the character who said it (I think it was the turtle) but it went something like this....Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift...that is why it is called the present. I try to remember that each day IS a gift. No matter what hardships I may face there is someone above who is watching out for me and will help me make it through any situation I may face. I try to remember that everything happens for a reason, and everything I experience I can learn and grow from. That it may be something I can help someone else with in the future. That in the end I should always be thankful for the gift that is "the present" and live with gratitude and joy.

Well, I am off again. We have a busy week ahead of us...field trip on Monday, a birthday mid-week, shopping, and of course all the regular day to day stuff. I have my flannel washed for the string quilt and found out I have backing AND batting for a top already at home so hopefully I can get another finish in before the end of the year. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! Warmest country wishes,

Country Mouse