Thursday, March 31, 2011

What to do with an unexpected day off

So, what do you do when you check your schedule and find out you have an "extra" day off?  Well, that was what I got to do today!  I don't usually have Thursdays off so it was a nice surprise.  First off I spent the morning with the kiddos before they had to go back to their dad's for the rest of the weekend.  We had a good time durring spring break...the circus, we went out to breakfast, watched movies and just had lots of fun.  Although I did look out my window yesterday to see this...
It wasn't all bad though, we had bought a kid sized snow shovel a little while back and after making the comment, "Well why did we buy it?  We're not even going to get to use it!" because that snow had melted off, I made sure my daughter put it to use (OK, she volunteered.  Wish it would stay that way for the next 12 years!)

And it made for a wonderful atmosphere to walk in this morning after I dropped them off.  I love this heavy, wet, stick to everything kind of snow.  I think its so beautiful, just like a painting.  It gives everything this ethereal kind of quality.  I tried my best to take some pictures to show this, but I don't think they do the natural beauty I saw justice.

After my walk I came home and played with my yarn.  I got another heart and flower block done. (10 down, 145 or so to go), then while on Ravelry I saw a post on this.

This is a carnation block designed by Drew Emborsky for a project he is working on.  He is asking for anyone who wants to join in to crochet one, or as many as they like, and mail them in to be added to blankets for charity.  It is supposed to end up at 7 inches.  Mine missed the mark.  So I am debating weather to add rows to the outside or make one with a larger hook. I want to make sure it makes it to 7 inches.  I guess my fear is that if its not "perfect" it won't be used.  Silly, no?  It is a really cool pattern and really does look like a carnation which is just amazing to me.  If you would like to check it out you can do it here. 
Then I got to working on my co-worker's baby sweater.  I don't have enough yarn so I am done til I can get to the store.

Its a kimono style sweater so it will tie shut.  At first I was going to try to get the stripes matched up in the front, but then after thinking about it I kind of like the whole yin and yang thing with them being opposites.

Finally I have been working on stash restructuring.  I think we all have the same dilema at times.  Projects started but not finished, fabrics that were bought with good intentions, fabric that we have been gifted, practice blocks, scraps that we "really will use someday".  But what happens when that day doesn't come?  When out tastes change?  When we continue to look at a project and say someday when we know "someday" probably won't come?  Well, I'm at that point.  So today I went through my stash of all things quilty and made some choices.  So far, here is what is being purged.

If it didn't still make my heart sing when I looked at it, it went in the bag.  If it was still in the  "well....maybe" column it stayed, for now.  There are fat quarters, large chunks of flannel, some scraps, blocks and even a few finished tops in there.  I am hoping the one local quilt shop still takes these kinds of donations, if not I may send them to my mom. She lives in a larger city and may have more luck finding a group that will take them.  As for the rest of my fabric, I've been going through and deciding what to do with it all.  I found more I can use in the postage stamp quilt, some that will be turned into bags or wallets, some that will be used to complete some of the tops I still have waiting to be finished.  It feels good to be getting it under control.

Since I don't have anywhere to be until tomorrow afternoon I am going to burn the midnight oil and try to get some work done on those postage stamp blocks.  Until next time, I hope you all have a great day!!  Warmest wishes!!
Country Mouse


Heather said...

Good for you! I know a couple of years ago when my DD was working on her GS Gold Award project, so many of the ladies from QYW got together and sent her their UFOs and "archived" fabrics. It was a welcome donation to getting her to her goal of quilts for the local battered women's shelter! She's still working on those quilts even though we live in a new place. She's found a local center who will take them and the UFOs are perfect for her because she is still in HS and doesn't have time to be creative from the beginning if she wants to be able to meet her goals of so many quilts per year! It's great to donate to those good cause groups - they really will use them instead of letting the oldies sit around in our closets!

Anita said...

Hi there Country Mouse, For someone who has never seen really snow, I thought your pictures where beautiful. What a lovely surprise to get an unexpected day off!! Sounds like you had fun. Kind regards, Anita.

QuiltedSimple said...

Are you as sick of this weather as I am? I sent the kids to school in shorts yesterday and today it's winter coats! I really need to go through my stash - it's getting out of control! Great job getting that done - and you've been incredibly busy!