Wednesday, March 16, 2011

To and fro, stop and go, that's what makes the world go round.

OK, so I've been watching too many kids shows lately (the title comes from a song in Disney's Sword in the Stone) but its the kind of thing that's been keeping me going lately.  I really meant to be on here blogging more this year, but it just hasn't happened yet.  I'm sure you've all heard the saying "sometimes you ride the wheel and sometimes it rides you"?  Or I like the one "sometimes you're the windshield and sometimes you're the bug".  Well, right now I feel like the bug.  Its just been one of those times when everything has been coming at me at once.  Foot problems, I broke a tooth, my check engine light came on, a rough patch in relationships, just to mention some of it.  Ugh!  Sometimes it just seems like it will never end!  When it comes down to it though, I know life is like the song above.  For all those rainy patches, you just know there will be sunshine on the other side.  So to anyone else out there going through the rain with me, keep your head held high and know that sunshine is around the corner  :cD

Alright, enough of the whining :cP  I have been trying to make the best of it and getting stuff done.  I have been trying to get out and walk (although the weather hasn't been helping!), I have been keeping the house under control, and I have been working on my CAL projects.  I have really enjoyed being part of the 101 Crochet Blocks CAL on Ravelry.  That group is just so helpful and fun to be in.  Our block this week was block 100, and it was quite a challenge for me.  I made 4 of them before I got it figured out, but here is the finished product...

I also made a new toy for my daughter.  My kids have been playing Viva Pinata and the other day she came up to me and asked "Mom, can you make me a mousemallow?"  Sure, I thought, the character lends itself to amigurumi type crochet so I sat down and worked up this little fellow...

He is my own design, and I was thinking about writing it down so I could share the patten here, but I haven't done that yet.  Finally I finished this fellow for a friend of mine...

He is based on the patten Night Owl by Alan Dart.  Funny (well, sort of) story...I took this owl to where my friend works to give it to her, and someone she showed it to had made the comment that she was going to take it.  We all thought she was joking.  Well, a little later my friend was trying to find the owl to show it to someone else and he was nowhere to be found.  Ends up that the person we thought was joking about taking the owl had stuffed it in her purse and really was going to walk out with him!!  Luckily he was found and he is now safe and sound with his new owner.

Last night was my son's blue and gold banquet.  This is his first year in Boy Scouts and I am so proud of him.  He is very shy and usually needs a little nudge to get involved with social activities.  A few months ago he brought home a paper and said "Mom, I want to join the Boy Scouts."  I was a little surprised, but made sure we made it to the meeting and got him signed up, and I am so glad we did!!  He has had a lot of fun, made some new friends, participated in his first pine wood derby, been to new places.  It has been very good for him.  He got an award for art, and his citizenship pin among other things.  We are soooo proud.  On a side note, it was a pot luck type dinner.  I haven't been to one of those for AGES and I forgot how much I loved them.  So much good food and different foods too, so much fun!!

Well, the weather is cruddy today, I am ready for spring to spring already!!  But it is the perfect day to work on some knitting and some sewing, some housework (its laundry day here), and maybe squeeze a walk or run in between the raindrops before picking the kiddos up from school.  Hope you all have a great day!!  Warmest country wishes!!

Country Mouse

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QuiltedSimple said...

Your life sounds a lot like ours - i've been car shopping, which I hate because my Durango is starting to fall apart at the seams:) Tyler just had his blue and gold banquet too and our pinewood derby is next weekend! I love your little critters - they are so cool! Have a great weekend - it's gonna be a sunny one!