Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Starting into spring break the fun way!

This week is spring break for my little ones, and we started it out with a ton of fun.  My fiance's family and all of us went to the circus Sunday :cD  I can't tell you the last time I went to the circus, but I can tell you it was the first time either of my little ones remember seeing one, so it was awesome.
We were greeted by clowns at the door.
Got all the obligatory extras...cotton candy, programs, popcorn, slushies, t-shirts and such :cD
Saw acrobats from the daring...

to the graceful..

to the exciting.
Visited with more clowns during intermission...who were more than happy to autograph their photos in the programs.  Way cool.
Then enjoyed the second half that included the elephant act which was a favorite of everyone, especially my fiancee who used to want one for a pet when he was little ;)  They even had a motorcycle high wire act that was way cool.  The only thing I miss (that was part of the circus when I was little but understandably probably not as prevalent at circuses anymore) were the big cats.  But even without them it was a wonderful experience, and a great way to kick off spring break.  After the circus we all went out to dinner as well.  Lots of fun! 

Today was spent at home getting more spring cleaning done.  I don't know what's gotten into me, but I again felt this great urge to mop and clean our hardwood floors.  This time without the emotional drain...guess that's confined to kitchen floors, but you'll hear no complaints from me about that.  Tomorrow I'm going to surprise the kids with a matinee.  Not sure which movie, but I'm sure we'll find one that's fun.

Lest you think I abandoned all crafting, I did squeeze in time to work on a baby sweater for my co-worker, and another heart and flowers block.  No picture of the sweater yet, but here is where I am at on my hearts and flowers...

Its getting late here, so I am off to get some rest before tomorrows activities.  Hope you all have a great day!!  Warmest wishes!!

Country Mouse

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