Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ta Daaaaa.....

Ok, well, almost "ta da"...to be completely honest the binding isn't totally stitched down yet, but it is on, and I just couldn't wait to share a picture. I am excited because the end is in sight and a few more nights of hand stitching and this one will go in the "done" column!!
Here is a close up of the baskets and the vine work I did around them.
Next on the agenda is this group of blocks. I have to set them yet and just can't quite decide how to do it. I set so many in the "traditional" way that I think I want to try something different. I am going to be spending some time perusing some quilt books, magazines and blogs to see if something strikes my fancy.
I am still trying to get the behemoth basted, jeez what a task!! But I keep working steadily towards that goal. Slow and steady wins the race (or finishes the quilt) right? ;)
Finally, I wanted to share a joke I heard on an inspirational program I was watching...made me giggle. There were three men traveling through the wilderness when they came upon a raging river. The first one prayed, "God, please give me the strength to cross this river." He then dove in and swam across in about 2 hours. The second one prayed, "God, please give me the strength and the tools to cross this river." POOF a boat appeared, he climbed in and rowed across the river in a little more than an hour. The third man prayed, "God, please give me the strength, tools and intelligence to cross this river." POOF he became a woman, took out a map, looked at it, then walked 5 minutes up the trail and walked across the bridge there over the river.
Sorry for such a short post, but I am terribly time crunched today, I just couldn't wait to share some pictures though. Hopefully next time I will be able to visit a little longer and have more good stuff to share :) I am off again, hope you all have a wonderful day! Warmest country wishes,
Country Mouse

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QuiltedSimple said...

oh how pretty! love the baskets. I'm trying to work on my UFO's, but I'm getting sidetracked by day to day life.