Saturday, January 30, 2010

My month in it really the end of the month already?

Hi out there in blogland! I can't believe the month is almost gone. It never ceases to amaze me how the time flies.  I remember being a kid and time seemed to crawl and now that I'm older I wish it would slow down! I was looking back on my goals for the month and have to admit that I have fallen short on some. I'm not going to get down about it, I am going to look at the new month as a fresh start and give it another go.  I have done well as far as my quilting goals go. I have one finish, the binding is on the string quilt (hand sewing will probably be slow going, but its nice to know its at that point, finally) I turned one stack of blocks into a quilt top and it is basted and ready for quilting.  Not too bad :)  I have been able to get on and blog pretty consistantly so I'm happy about that too.  I also got up enough guts to enter a quilt in the Quilting Bloggers Weekly Themed Contest.  You can check out the contest rules and get to their blog, see the quilts and vote by clicking on the button here
.Weekly Themed Quilt Contests  
I would love for you to vote for my quilt, but vote for your favorite.  They are all beautiful.  I haven't bought any fabric yet this year either.  I think I am going to save up for a shop hop that is going on in Amish country in March.  Maybe by then I'll have a few more finishes and more of my stash used up ;)
   As far as some of my more personal goals, well, I still have to work on those.  I'm thinking in addition to my quilting, I am going to focus on exercising next month.  I have very much let myself go since my LCE and feel that is the next big area to get back on track.  I've thought about joining a walking program sponsered by the parks, but am still not sure. It would defintly be a motivator.  Or if any of you out there are in the same boat as me, maybe we could help to motivate each other.  Maybe a weekly check in?  Anyhoo, that's big focus for February.
   Other than that, life has been pretty quiet...don't know weather to breathe a sigh of relief or start to worry what's about to go down next.  I think I am going to pick the first.  We all know tomorrow will worry about itself, no need to borrow tomorrow's worries for today.  So with that I look at the beautiful blue skies above me today, take a deep breath and head out the door for some fresh air.  Hope you all have a great weekend.  Warmest country wishes.

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QuiltedSimple said...

I cannot believe it is february all ready - you are right - time just flies by! Hear we are headed for 40's and rain for the weekend....