Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Checking in :)

Good morning everyone! Its an absolutely yucky, gray, dreary day here. I heard on the radio this morning that we are in for more snow. Not that I don't like snow, but I hate the pressure shifts that come with the changing weather. Lets me know I'm getting older...can't believe the aches and pains I can get sometimes...oh, well. I still like the saying, "I may grow old, but I'll never grow up." No matter how "old" I get, I hope I always keep a young spirit :)

Yesterday the mouselings were off from school. We decided to just have a pajama day and hung out at home and watched movies and played. We watched everything from Nickelodeon movies, to Veggie Tales to the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was especially fun since my little ones have only seen the newer version with Johnny Depp. It was fun to listen to them compare the two. I also got to spend plenty of time sewing, although judging by what I've actually accomplished so far, it doesn't seem that way :S

First off, who has a pile of this laying around? Yup, its a big pile of scrap muslin. I like to back my quilts with muslin sometimes (not too expensive and can give me one big solid backing) but I end up with all this scrap, and hate to waste it. Ok now, who has this around the house too? Shame on you if you didn't raise your hand...or maybe lucky or well organized you ;) Yes, this is just one box of the many scrap boxes I have.

Wanna see what happens at my house when the two of these things get together?

Ta Daaaa! One creative quilt backing! This one used up most of my bleached muslin scraps. Ok, I think this would be a pretty cool quilt in its own right, so I may develop a pattern for one kind of like it. I was thinking that if this were an actual quilt top I would call it "On a Wing and a Prayer" because that's pretty much how it came together. Just starting sewing and sewing and half way measuring then sewing some more.... and the shocking thing to me was that it came out pretty square! I really like it though so this one will have to go on the back of something I know I'm keeping. I still have enough scraps to make another one too.

Oh happy day the binding is done on the triple Irish Chain too!! Somebody do the happy dance with me, celebrating my first finish of 2010!! (I figured y'all have seen enough pictures of this one that I just wanted to show one more of four pretty, bound corners)
Finally, I got a good start on the tessellating cats top. This one is going to be a cuddle/car quilt for my daugheter so she can have one she can carry around, take in the car, and feel free to use for anything. I don't know if I'm crazy about the squares at the top (there is going to be another row at the bottom as well) but she likes them. And if she likes them, that's all that matters.
I still have today off, and possibly tomorrow (there was a death in my babysitter's family) so I am going to try to get more done today while I still have some time to myself. My goals for today are to get the kitty top finished and to start tying the string quilt. So with that I am heading on my way. I hope you all have a wonderful day and find some time to do what you love. Warmest country wishes!


QuiltedSimple said...

what a lovely quilt back. I'd make sure I keep it too:) And whoo hooo - your first 2010 finish! I heard the S word in the forecast, and so far am ignoring it....did you have lots of ice this morning? we were on a 1 hour delay due to ice. ugh.

Babs said...

WOW, You've been busy! keep up the great work!