Tuesday, January 26, 2010

And number one is.....

Good morning everyone.  It is bitter and chilly here, but I think we missed the brunt of the new snow today.  Listening to the radio on the way to taking my mouselings to school I heard there were several delays and a few closings south of us, so I am thankful we only got a dusting of the white stuff.  I also found a new background for my blog.  I think its cute and fitting for my style of quilting.  I almost didn't get it to work, my computer illiteracy was really showing this morning :( and had a couple unsuccessful tries, but here it is, and I'm happy!
   Now to my post title and why I don't have any quilty pictures to share just yet....
5. Waking up sick on your day off...when you planned to sew all day.
4. Having car trouble while you're quilt shop hopping.
3. Running out of thread a mere 2" before you finish the last seam you're working on.
2. Running out of the fabric you thought you had enough of for your quilt's border...then not being able to find any more of it. (Oh my, have I been there done that!!)
And number one on the list of things that make a quilter want to cry.....
1. Three words "CARPAL TUNEL SYNDROME" !!!!

Yup, my carpal has been flaring horrendously.  I have been able to get a little work done on the behemoth (its about half way tied) and I did get the tessellating cats basted, but thats about it other than organizing.(I"ll post on that another day)  And all I can say is I'll never doubt a person when they say they're in pain.  People joke about carpal tunel, and I uesd to think "Yeah, right, how bad can it be?" but now I know first hand how painful it is and how it can affect what you do.  The sad part....I developed it when I was working as a baker, not from excessive ammounts of hand quilting or typing, but that is what it affects now.  Anyhow, no point in stewing over it, just though y'all should know why there isn't anything pretty to look at this time.

I do hope to have some pictures next time.  I was at the library last week and borrowed the Block Party book and am starting to think hmmmm.....9 inch scrappy sampler?  I think I am going to cut and piece a few blocks here today yet.  Not that I need another new project, but hey, I have a finish for the year already and two others that are getting close. And to be completely honest, I'm kinda getting tired of looking at the same quilts day in and day out, I'm ready for something new and fun (for just a little bit).  After a little break, its back to tackling that list of UFOs ;)

Well, I'm off to do some blog hopping then to enjoy the rest of my day.  I hope you all have a wonderful afternoon.  Warmest country wishes!


Scrappy-Quilter said...

sorry to hear your carpal tunnel is flaring up. I hope it eases soon. For now just go in there and sort, plan and organize. I love your 9 inch scrappy sampler idea. Sounds like something I would do too.
we are due for a winter storm starting thursday ... hope it hits so I can stay home. that's bad isn't it?

QuiltedSimple said...

oh no. i hope it's letting up. mine flares up (usually when lots of sewing or knitting are involved) and they ache for days on end. the sun is finally out here - although it is colder than heck!