Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A post with pictures...yeah!! :)

Hi everyone. First let me say how giddy I am to be able to post whenever I want :) I have so missed blogging and all my friends here in blogland. I had mentioned in my previous post about working on a bunch of UFOs I had before my LCE (life changing event) and wanted to share some pictures of the tops I have done...well a few anyway. First is a blue and yellow star quilt that was put together by a friend during a swap

Next is a picture of a 30s sampler. I don't have the outer borders on it yet. I am thinking of a simple white border with some leaves and yo yo flowers.

Finally here is the finished top I made from fabrics I won from Amandajean AGES ago used in a quilt-along she was doing. Along with my attempt to do some sort of free piecing....sort of. I just loved the fabric so much I didn't want to waste a single piece. ;)

Now I am still deciding what to do with some of the other quilts. It is so hard to decide. I have to admit when I look at all of them I do feel a little sad because I think of where I was when I made them. Sometimes I don't want to keep any of them because I don't want a constant reminder of my past. Other times I look at them and just love the colors and patterns and they make me happy. One thing I do know is that I want to get them done or donated because I feel like it will give me some sense of closure. Then I can move on with the new :) Not that I'm letting that hold me back...I have been working on smaller projects as well. Here is a picture of a purse made for a friend (by the way if anyone has seen this pink and black fabric PLEASE let me know. I so wanted one for myself, but only found 2 fat quarters in the whole store) and a carrier I made for my net book. Love love love the fabric! Reminds me of the colors and patterns popular when I was little. They make me feel all warm and happy.

Life on the home front has been busy and I just keep plugging away day by day. I just trying to keep finding the time to do at least a little something for myself each day. Usually that means sewing time ;) and I'm off to find a little of that now. Take care all!
Warmest country wishes,
Country Mouse


QuiltedSimple said...

I Love your quilt tops - I think they all need finished. And it could be healing for you to work on those quilt tops from that time in your life, and then dontate them - Akron Children's Hospital is always in need of quilts and blankets (Jessie has two of them from when we were there when she broke her arm and she had to have two different surgeries on it). You are further along on your Star Quilt Along than I am - I really need to get moving:)

Scrappy-Quilter said...

wow! I missed this post and just look at what you are getting done! love the purse you are so talented and crafty! love it! do you still make pincushions and collect them too? I have a couple if you do.