Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ok, here we go

Hi everyone, first let me start off by saying this is the last name change, I PROMISE! After thinking about the last change I started thinking that the name just didn't "jive" with me. As I thought about it I realized that I really need to just be me and do what I need to do. So why this final name change you may ask? Well, let me start off and just say first off that I wasn't going to talk about what I've been through and just try to move on, but I realized that I was just trying to move on and hold everything in at the same really can't do that. So without getting into details, I had gone through a divorce around the time of my last post on my country mouse in the city blog. It has been a hard road, and even though I have come a long way, there are still times I feel I've only taken a few baby steps. So I feel the name of this blog much more suits me. I am glad to have my quilting, it has helped me to relax during such a rough time in my life. Its funny how life and quilting can parallel each other. In quilting you start with a large piece of cloth, cut your pieces and sew them back together to make something wonderful. Well right now I just have pieces of my life, they are tattered and jagged in some places, but now I am facing the task of picking up those pieces, trimming the edges, and sewing them back together to try to created that something wonderful. Right now my biggest goal is to finish UFOs I had before the divorce. I have decided that I am going to finish those that really speak to me and probably donate the rest. Its just something I feel I need to do to be able to move on. I am so glad to be truly back. (I lost my computer in the split and finally was able to get another so I WILL be around a whole lot more!!) I look forward to catching up with everyone and sharing lots of stories, quilts and laughs as I continue my journey.
warmest country wishes,
Country Mouse


QuiltedSimple said...

Oh my heart aches for you - but you CAN do it. Baby steps and knowing you have friend around will be a big help!! I look forward to see ing all the lovely UFO's I'm sure you have.

Scrappy-Quilter said...

I am here if you ever need me ... I've been where you are as you know. lots of love and hugs to you! Take it one day at a time. It really does get easier I promise.