Tuesday, November 30, 2010

today's post is brought to you by the letter "F"

"F" is for.... Finishes!!
 I have been working along on projects lately large and small, and have some finishes to share.  First off are some amigurumi I have made from the book I bought.
I love tigers.  I think they are some of the most beautiful, powerful and graceful creatures on the planet. So I couldn't pass up making these little ones.  One is mine, and the other is for my son who ,bless his heart, is incredibly patient when it comes to getting some of mom's projects (little sister usually swoops in and tries to claim all of them).

Next is something for my daughter who has a birthday next month.  When I picked up the book she saw this cake and told me "Mom, you have to make me one of these for my birthday!!"  I just looked at her and said "We'll see."  She still doesn't know I've made it for her, I am planning to present it to her along with her edible birthday cake :cD

This is a simple scarf I made from Lion Brand Homespun yarn.  I LOVE this yarn...OK the way it feels anyway.  My first intention was to make a ripple afghan (still on my to do list) but had one heck of a time seeing the "v"s to determine where the stitches were.  So after some frustration I decided that my first ripple afghan will be made with smoother yarn.  This yarn was, however, perfect for a scarf that will be donated by by son's boy scout troop...and I may make more with this yarn as well, we'll see.

Finally, I got my sweater done.  It is from the pattern Stay Cool which was published in Simply Knitting issue 68.  I used Caron simply soft in country blue, and since it is a slightly heavier yarn than the pattern calls for by following the medium size directions I ended up with the perfect size for me.  I'm pretty happy with it.  I wish the lace section was a little more flat, it is curling up a bit yet.  I wore it to Thanksgiving dinner and got compliments from friends and family :cD

"F" is also for...my feet...

I would love to know what is going on with the body part beyond my ankles, but alas, I'm still rather clueless.  The good news is that after a couple weeks away from running (I have still been trying to get out there and walk) they are feeling much better.  I am hoping that in another week or so I can try to run a little again.  The bad news is that I feel as big as a house since I haven't been running.

"F" number three...  false starts
I started my next project about a week ago.  It is a knitted stole called Blue Topaz published in Simply Knitting issue 71.  I got going and was all excited about a "simple" project...some easy-ish lace, no shaping.  Then about 20-something rows into it I noticed an error in my knitting.  Thinking I could just frog a couple rows I pulled the needles out and yanked away.  Then realized I couldn't tell yarn overs from other stitches or dropped stitches. I got frustrated, frogged the WHOLE thing, cried for a minute then restarted.  I will try to get a couple pictures to share next post.

"F" number four...  fun stuff!!
The weekend before Thanksgiving the local garden center has an event called Holly-Pine Lane which is free to the public.  There are lots of themed decorated Christmas trees there as well as demonstrations, refreshments and Santa.  Since that Sunday the kiddos were here we decided to check it out.
This is the tree that was at the entrance.  It was covered in beautiful ornaments like this cut paper ornament, below, as well as others.

One of my daughter's favorites...covered in teddy bears.

One of my son's favories with lots of country style ornaments.
One of my favorites.  One decorated with beautiful red work ornaments done by the local quilter's society.

Finally, one that was a favorite of all of us kids and kids at heart... one covered in candy and candy shaped ornaments :cD
This is just a few of the many themed trees there.  It is such a nice event and free to the public each year.  I just love to go when I am able.  (Oh, and don't ask me why my dd looks like she isn't having fun in the photos, I can't really tell you.  She had a great time, I think my picture taking timing was just off :cS)

Well, I am off to enjoy one more "F".... free time!  I have a little today between the chores and picking the kids up from school, so I am off to try to get a walk and some crafting time in today.  Hope you all have a wonderful day!!  Warmest wishes!!


Bev C said...

Hello Jadee,

The tigers are very cute and your daughter will just love the cake you made for here. Your cardigan is beautiful,no wonder you got lots of compliments about it. Happy days.

julieQ said...

You are just the best knitter around!! I love your tiggers!! Beautiful trees...don't you love this time of year??

Anita said...

Hey! Hey...where are you! Love to see more of your great stuff girlfriend. Kind regards, Anita.