Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My favorite time of the year

I love fall. Everything about it.  The changing leaves, the colors, the cooler weather, the feeling of coming in from the cold to a nice warm house, fires in the fireplace....oh, I could go on and on.  My favorite thing?  How about a couple pictures clues...

Yup, pumpkins!  To me they are the ultimate symbol of fall.  They are everywhere right now, and I just love the color, and smell, and yumminess of them.  With Halloween just past we made sure we made some jack-o-lanterns, roasted pumpkin seeds and made some yummy pumpkin muffins to enjoy along with my coffee with (what else) pumpkin spice creamer in it.  We did go trick-or-treating this last weekend, and the kids had a blast.  We came home with enough candy that we shouldn't have to buy any for the rest of the year, lol!! We just made a single loop around the neighborhood.  Right before we were back to our house we were greeted by a familiar face handing out candy right across the street.  OK, not really anyone we knew but I think most everyone will recognize this fellow...
On the crafting front, I have made some progress on my sweater.  I need to go out and get a couple more skeins of yarn to get the rest done.  Thankfully this yarn is no dye lot.  I know that doesn't guarantee an exact color match, and I should buy enough for the whole project at once, but so far I have been very fortunate that usually Caron's yarn has been very consistent color wise.

I have also been playing around with crochet.  I would love to learn crochet so after watching an episode of  Knit and Crochet Today I fiddled around and made some of these to use up some scraps...

Finally I have been making myself a pair of  simple fingerless mitts.  These are really fast to make up, and I love the cables :cD

(Oh, and I am totally embarrassed to say I haven't gotten that poncho done yet :(   )

On the running front I finally reached the 30 minute goal I had set for myself.  Saturday I ran for 30 minutes non stop. Yeah!!  Its not anywhere near my old distance, but its that's OK, its the furthest I've run since my divorce and all that other stuff so I am totally thrilled!!  Its another step toward my ultimate goal of running a half or even a full marathon next fall.

Speaking of running, I am about to head out to get a run in before I pick up the kiddos from school, then get some crafting in too.  Hope you all have a great day!!  Warmest country wishes!!


Anita said...

Hey girl! Well done on having a go at crochet. I'm not a crocheter, but have had a go at it, like it and crochet from time to time. Your knitting is lovely, nice fingerless mittens. And...uh..oh..not much on the running business. My husband has started walking and I go with him. I whinge to myself all the way there and back. lol. It's good for me though. Have a great day. Kind regards, Anita.

Bev C said...

Hello JaDee,

Oh I love the sweater you are working on. Good luck with the crochet, I can assure you you will be addicted. Good luck with the running. My brother runs in marathons and runs every day for a very long time.
Happy days to you and your family.

QuiltedSimple said...

Your knitting is lovely. And I love fingerless mitts - i wear them all winter (with the thin stretchy knit wal-mart gloves underneath - lol). I cant wait to see the sweater done - the color is lovely! Have a great day