Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Oh dear, I think I did it again...

Sometimes I think I have crafter's ADD.   I just can't help floating from craft to craft and project to project, sometimes at the expense of not finishing one that I've started.  I have always loved art and crafting. When I was growing up my mom did a lot of knitting, crocheting and sewing.  She was involved with a company called Creative Circle years and years ago, and taught me how to cross stitch, embroider, and do other needle work.  I loved making "friendship bracelets" back in the day with embroidery floss.  I think I had committed at least 15 different knotted designs to memory, and could probably still create a lot of them. I remember making a hand sewn dinosaur for my sister for Christmas one year. I took art class all through high school.  I loved fabric and collected fat quarters with no particular project in mind. Then when my son was born I started quilting, and even though I would dabble with other crafts here and there after that, quilting dominated most of my crafting.  Now several years later, I can't seem to see another type of craft and not give it a try.  First it was jewelry making, then knitting, now its crochet.  I joined ravelry shortly after starting knitting, and while browsing through the patters, I kept coming across the cutest little softies.  Unfortunately (or so I thought) many of them were crocheted.  I'm sure most of you are familiar with them, they are called amigurumi.  Well, the last time my parents came to visit I had my mom show me the simple single, double and treble crochet, and  true to form, I took that information and ran with it.  I was bound and determined to learn to crochet because I was going to make some of those amigurumi. Well.... I am thrilled to show off my first little cutie!
This little puppy was made from a free pattern from my local Jo-Anns store and scrap yarn. He's about 4 inches tall and has already been claimed by my dd.  Now my son wants me to find and make him a cat :cD   I also think I may have found my next project, maybe, I picked up another free patten flyer at Jo-Anns (I love free patterns) and made this for an afghan from it.  I don't know about the colors yet, but I would love to have a beautiful, retro style granny square afghan.
I also remembered how to use my sewing machine!! OK, I've never really forgot, of course, but it has been a looong time since I've sewn anything.  My daughter was thrilled when she came over and saw this..

I actually have lots of fleece left over, so I am thinking I will probably make the arm warmers that came with this pattern and maybe a hat and/or scarf too.  Being with my sewing machine also made me want to get one of those quilts there in my sidebar done too.  Actually, I have to change that up a bit because after some thought, I think I will get those quilts done (rather than purge the tops) and donate or gift a lot of them out.
I've been trying to get out there and run, but a sore ankle has kind of kept me down (but not out) for a while.  I know some of it is due to the extra weight I carry, and I really think its mostly due to really tight muscles...I really need to stretch more consistently.  Another big factor were my shoes.  They were way past their prime, so I invested in a new pair of running shoes.
I ran in them for the first time yesterday, and there has always been something about new shoes that makes me feel so much lighter and faster.  They also make a huge difference.  Today is the first day that I have not woken up with a sore ankle after running in almost 2 weeks so I am thrilled!!

Other than that life has been pretty quiet, which is nice.  Especially after so much drama for the last couple years, so I can't complain.  Nothing too exciting, not too boring, just enough to keep life interesting which is always good.  Well, I am off to enjoy the day, and try to fit in all that needs to be done.  Hope you all have great one!!  Warmest country wishes!!
Country Mouse


QuiltedSimple said...

Wow. I always wanted to learn how to crochet - but I think it's a lost cause with me - I must be single needle challenged. Enjoy the great weather Ohio is having!

Anita said...

I know what you're saying about having that favourite craft. Mine is knitting, and although I have tried other crafts, and have really enjoyed the change, I keep going back to my knitting needles. Quilting is another favourite of mine. I love your puppy by the way, he is cute. Enjoy your crafts! Kind regards, Anita.