Thursday, February 11, 2010

What I've been doing durring the snow

Wow, did we get a lot of snow!  It seems that once a year we get a really good, heavy snowfall, and I think this was it. The kids had a snow day yesterday and we had lots of fun just hanging out, watching movies, and enjoying the fireplace. Had it been just a touch warmer, we may have had packing snow and we would have gone outside for snowman building, or a good old fashioned snowball fight ;o) It hasn't been a lot of fun to get around in (if not for impassabale roads, for inexperienced drivers that don't know how to handle the conditions and pose a hazzard) but it has given me reason to stay indoors a bit more than usual and get some work done. Unfortunately it also means limited internet access....for now.  I am all excited, though, because we are getting the internet hooked up at our house this comming week!! No more driving somewhere to find a connection, no more waiting to post or surf or e-mail. YAHOO!!

     Now, you all know that I am on a mission this year to get my UFOs done, and I have been working away on the hunter green/maroon/brown quilt top.  This is the setting I've chosen, now I'm trying to decide what border to put on.  At first I was thinking of not adding one, but then it would feel horribly unfinished to me. So now I'm deciding ok, what color, solid or peiced, thin or wide?  I'm sure it will come to me, but I am also willing to hear some ideas, I always seem to do so many similar things, I would love to try something different.
Oh my, looking at that picture really makes me want to get a new digital camera!! :oS  Also, while getting my machine ready to work on my G/M/B top the other day, I found this curious little note...

Dear Country Mouse,
We have been feeling rather neglected as of late. Although we admire your perserverence and resolve to complete your list of UFOs, we are afraid you have forgotten about us in the process. We respectfully ask that you take a little time out of your busy schedule to visit us, look us over, touch us and maybe, just maybe, let us out to play in a new project. Please, please, please do not forget we are here, and we miss you.
Respectfully yours,
The fabrics of your stash and scrap boxes

It got me thinking...not that I need a new project, but I am getting a bit tired of looking at the same projects. Maybe a new project wouldn't be so bad? I have finished 3 UFOs and have one more very close and several well on their way. Sooooo....when I was visiting Paula's blog she had a link to this postage stamp quilt along! I love it! Its perfect for using up scraps and those fat quarters I've bought with no particular purpose in mind, and I've already got a start on cutting 1 1/2 inch strips because when I've been sorting my scraps that is one of the sizes I've been cutting anyway. It looks like fun, so I'm excited to give it a go. Please feel free to join in the fun too :oD

Well, Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and I am going to try to get a little something special done today for the mouselings to hand out to their classes, so I am going to be getting on my way. Hope you all have a wonderful day! Warmest country wishes!!


QuiltedSimple said...

we had another 2 hour delay this morning, and no school tomorrow for teacher in service. i just want it all to melt! And a new project sounds good - you have made fantastic progress on your ufo's!

Scrappy-Quilter said...

I love the setting you chose! Not sure what to suggest as a border as I am not that good with borders either. I know you will choose a nice border though. Glad you and the kiddos had a nice snow day.