Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday weekly work-out check in.....and pin cushion fun.

Once upon a time, I used to run marathons, and was a personal trainer. ACE certified and everything.(I was always athletic, played softball, basketball, volleyball, track and field, power lifting...the list goes on). Once I started a family I tried my best to stay in shape as best I could.  Then along came the big LCE and I really let myself go. I've been feeling just aweful.  One of the things I left behind after the divorce (that I wish I hadn't) was my treadmill. (Another thing that I think may have gotten left behind was a weight lifter Precious Moments figurine my mom and dad had bought for me years ago.  I'm afraid it is forever lost now, and that breaks my heart, but I digress....) After some considerable time saving, I was finally able to purchase a new treadmill. I'm very excited about it! I'm also very excited to try to get back in shape, and I'm going to try to check in with my progress once a week.  Hopefully it will keep me motivated, not bore you (since it will only be once a week) and all of you out there can feel free to help keep me motivated and on track as well if you wish. So here is my first weekly progress report. Not particularly impressive, but its a start...
Friday 2/ 19 - 1 mile run - plus walking to finish at 30 min. total aerobic time
Saturday 2 / 20 - 40 min. walk
Sunday 2 / 21 - 1 mile run - plus walking to finish at 30 min total aerobic time
Monday 2 / 22 - 30 min. walk
Tuesday 2 / 23 - Day Off
Wednesday 2 / 24 - 1 mile run - plus walking to finish at 25 min. total aerobic time

Now on to a little quilting related stuff. I remember seeing a picture of a decorated pin in a magazine. They called it "pin cushion bling". I thought it was the cutest thing. It was made of polymer clay, and I though "hey, maybe I'll give it a try. See what I can do."  I surfed around the internet a little bit and found some pictures of decorated pins. Now I am nowhere near as talented as this artist, (she is amazing!) but here is my try at making a few.
I couldn't resist trying to make a little mouse to perch on my pincusion. They are just cute and cheery, and something fun for my pin cushions. I think I'm going to go out and get some glaze to make them nice and shiny. It was fun to play with my polymer clay a little bit too.  The only sewing I can say I've gotten done is a second section for the postage stamp quilt :(  I'm debating how I'm going to quilt the quilt along stars. I'm tempted to do an all over meander, or maybe come up with a type of pantograph. All I know is I want to get the quilting started before the end of the month.

Not too much more going on around here, the same old same old, if you will. The snow just doesn't seem to want to go away, chores to do, work, school, the list goes on. Glad I can find some "me time" to sew, blog, craft, and just have a little fun. Hopefully you are all finding some "me time" too, to do the things that make you happy. Warmest country wishes.


Andrea said...

Wow - those are really cute ! Love the little bag especially. I think I recognise that pincushion - lol..

Terry said...

Love the pins! I don't think this snow will ever end! LOL