Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Some progress already!!

Hi all, I'm finally settling back into a rythm with the kids going back to school .Winter break was over Monday,  YEAH....oh, I mean aaawwwww (that's just in case the kids see that ;cD)  I've had the chance to sit down and make a list of monthly goals for January.  It's not intimidating, and covers a little of everything.  I posted it in the sidebar, and hopefully will be able to cross them all off by month's end.  I actually left one off because I got it done already.  This is the lace bag that I had started a while back.  It sat with the lining pinned in and handles beside it for way too long.  Its just a little one, but it will be great for an afternoon out where I won't need to be carrying too much.

I aslo wanted to share pictures of the scarf and mittens I got done right before Christmas.  The scarf is scraps of worsted weight yarn in a color combo I like to call sugar rush because it makes me think of jars full of candies you would see on a candy store shelf. 

The mittens are knitted from a pattern in Simply Knitting Magazine, and made out of Caron's Simply Soft Eco in Ocean.  I have to admit the pattern threw me for a little bit of a had a couple lines that made no sense to me, but I just kind of figured out my own parts of the patten.  They worked up quite quickly too. I personally love mittens, especially when I'm running, so I can see me making several pairs but maybe from a different pattern. 

I'm eager to get back to quilting as well.  A couple months ago when we were visiting with  my fiencee's aunt she looked at me and said "hey, I've got something for you."  She left the room and returned with this....

It's a nice cotton, not sure how many yards but its several,  and will be perfect for backing a few quilts.  So now I have backing, I have a couple packaged battings and thread, now I just have to pick which quilt I'm going to baste first :cD

I joined a crochet-along on Ravelry this year too.  We are doing one block a month, and there is an optional filler.  Now, although the filler block is really pretty I don't know that I'm going to give it a try just yet.  There is lots of talk about fixing this line, or reworking that part so I may pick another square and come back to the chosen filler square later.  The main monthly square, however, is done.  The instructions are clear, and well written.  I chose to use a pink, brown, soft white color scheme for mine...

Finally, I would like to share a picture of my next sweater project.  It is the Short Sleeve Cable Sweater published in Knit n Style.  I am making it in Red Heart Eco-Ways Lichen.

 The only downside to this project so far is that I bought the yarn during Jo-Anns big yarn sale.  There was only one skein, but figuring since the yarn is a no dye lot yarn I would just pick more up later.  Well, I purchased that skein during the first day of the sale, and they still have not restocked the yarn, not that I know of anyway, and I've checked back several times.  I have to say I'm really dissapointed that they have not done so.  They know that they are having a sale, that things will probably sell, and even when an associate told me "Oh, they just restocked today." this particular yarn bin still sat empty.  Lots and lots of other yarns, just no more of this one.  Oh well, I do have my mom checking the Jo-Anns in her neck of the woods, and I'm sure they'll restock eventually.  I'm just dissapointed that I'm unable to take advantage of the sale price :(

I've been doing well with my wellness goals so far too.  I know its still early in the year, but I know of many people who have given up on their resolutions in this short of a time.  Hopefully I can keep the momentum going :cD

Well, I am off to choose a quilt to baste, get in a run, and get some housework done on my last day off before a long work weekend.  I hope you all find a little time to do the things you love today.  Warmest country wishes!!

Country Mouse


Renee said...

Love those blue mittens. Very nice.

Anita said...

Hey....who's the busy girl then? I love the pink bag, that is gorgeous and the blue mittens are to die for. I think mittens are really comming back into style, I love them. Have a great day. Kind regards, Anita.