Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hi, I'm Country Mouse and I have a "problem" ;cD

I have a bit of an addiction you could say.  Its with all those little papers there in the yarn department of craft stores that have the four most lovely little letters in the world printed on them "f-r-e-e".
In today's world of trying to be financially responsible, those four little letters just call out to me like a siren's call.  I have picked up more patterns than I could possible ever make, but dispite that fact I just keep picking up more.  I've got patterns for sweaters, afghans, socks, baby bibs and sweaters, mittens, you name it.  Not that I don't buy magazines or books, but well, the pictures on these little slips of paper are just too wonderful to pass up, and I am oh so greatful to the companys that make these possible.  I can tell you I plan on making the yoga socks in the bottom right corner, the sweater in the lower left, and at least one of the ripple afghans. At least I know I'll have plenty to keep me busy.  So that's my problem, if you want to call it that, I call it being frugal, and that's not so bad :cD....now if I could just find a better way to organize them than just a folder ;cD

Now on to progress news.  I am moving right along on my short sleeve cable sweater.  Its knitted sideways (meaning cast on is the right sleeve and you work across to the cast off which is the left sleeve) which has been interesting and in its own way challenging.  Actually the biggest challenge is working with an odd shaped sweater hanging from the needles after casting off the right front then working the rest of the way across.  The nice part will be that in the end the only seams will be two long seams that run down either side of the sweater.  Here is my progress up to tonight...
 with right side folded over
laid out flat as it is when I'm working on it.

I have gotten my son's knitted cat finished as well, and he is very happy to have a new kitty to add to his collection...he is a cat person just like mom.  I've gotten 6 of 12 squares outline quilted on the blue and yellow quilt, and I am working on a blue and white charm bracelette, so I am really happy with where I am on my goals for the month.  And I still have almost a week left, so I'm gonna see just how much I can get done.  And I'm already thinking of whay I would like to get done next month.  Like working on the stained glass afghan I saw recently on Knit and Crochet Now ;cD

As for life in general, all has been pretty smooth, so I can't complain.  Would I like to be able to take a month and have no worry about housework, ex issues, work, bills and all that stuff?  Of course I would, but every once in a while I get so much satisfaction from being my own person, getting stuff done, taking care of things.  I know that may sound odd, but after several years of being made to feel I couldn't handle all of that, it makes me feel so good to know that yes, I can.  So even when things get tough, I focus on that and that helps me to get through anything.

Well, I'm going to get on my way, gonna try to get a few more rows done on that sweater :cD  Hope you all have a great day!!  Warmest country wishes!!

Country Mouse 


vtquilter said...

Pretty sweater. I tend to pick up the free flyers too... although I have yet to make anything from one of those patterns!

Bev C said...

Hello JaDee,
Oh there is nothing wrong with collecting the patterns, you will always have a pattern when you need it. Good luck with the projects you are working on.
Happy days.

julieQ said...

I like freebies too!! Love your sweater, it is just gorgeous!!

QuiltedSimple said...

I love freebies....but have managed to avoid picking up all the leaflets like that somehow:) Which is good as I have so many free patterns that I have printed off of sites like ravelry, that I really am overrun:) Your sweater is gorgeous - love that color! Hope you enjoyed the recent snowstorm, although we weren't hit too bad over here but the kids' did have 3 days off of school (UGH). Hopefully they go back tomorrow!!! Have a good day