Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Time management...

...OK, I'll be the first to say I suck at it!  I can't believe its been almost a week since I've posted.  I remember when I was in college they did a "test" to determine how you managed time and how to make changes so you would do better in school.  I am totally a task oriented (as opposed to a time oriented) person.  I get going on something and just keep at it and don't really keep an eye on the clock.  There are times I don't have a problem being this way, then there are other times I think I should set a timer so I at least dedicate at least a little time on all the little (and big) things I need to get done.  At least I have some things to show for the time I've been gone :cD
    I have a co-worker that is pregnant with her first baby, a boy, and I have been working on things for her.  I have gotten a sort of little layette done...hat, bib, and booties.  I'm happy with them, but I am thinking  I may still try to make a second hat with my circular needles so there is one without a seam.  I finally found how to do the magic loop technique on line and want to give it a try.  I hope she likes what I've made so far...
I've also made progress on the dinosaur quilt. I have the fabric for the bones that go around the outside. Now to get to work on them.

Other than that, its been spring cleaning time.  I love being able to leave the window open and get the fresh air in the house! We did get out and take a walk on the local trail yesterday.  It was gorgeous, couldn't help but snap a couple pictures.

This is actually the back half of someones property. They were mowing it as we were walking. I would love to have this as part of my back yard.

One of the many "tree bridges" that we son thought these were really cool. I have to say, I think they're pretty cool too.

I  just though this was a pretty photo ;cD

I think we're going to make this a weekly trip, its nice to be outside, a great place to take the dog walking, and just so lovely and relaxing...not to mention only about 20 minutes away.

Well, I am going to take off and try to get a few more things done.  Maybe I'll set that timer, maybe not  ;cD
Hope you all have a great day.  Warmest country wishes!!
Country Mouse


Bev C said...

Hello, what a beautiful place to walk. I do like how the baby set turned out,such cute booties. I don't wear a watch anymore.Last year I decided to see how I went and have just continued on. You can always see a clock somewhere either on your phone in the car etc. Good luck with the dino quilt. Happy times.

QuiltedSimple said...

Lovely gifts for your friend! And what a great place to walk! Happy Belated Mother's Day!