Monday, May 10, 2010

Makes me happy Monday

Hi all, its another Monday and today for makes me happy Monday, I thought since I don't really have any big exciting topic, I am going to share my list of little happy makers for me today :cD

1. The kids are here, and I am heading into a 3 day in a row off stretch.  We were at Jo-Anns yesterday and bought some things to make together, and some things they can work on when I am sewing / knitting, so I am looking forward to a fun couple days.

2. A good cup of coffee with peppermint mocha creamer (which is now available all year long...yippee!)

3. The sun is shining, and I am going to try to get out and enjoy it!

4. My neighborhood.  After my divorce I moved a bit further towards suburbia...its not as crowded, we have more yard, and its way more quiet...happy, happy, happy.  Oh, and the tree outside my living room finally has leaves!!  I know that sounds a bit silly, but that tree is the last one in the neighborhood to get leaves for some reason, and I look forward to the shade they provide so when the finally appear I am thrilled.

5. Time to work on projects.  The kids are in school just yet so that means I still have some uninterrupted time to work on things.  Alas I have no pictures to share just yet (I apologize, I know no pictures can be a pretty boring post), but hopefully I'll be back later tonight with a couple to share.  I am nearly done with the dinosaur quilt top, and I am also working on knitted chimpanzee toy for my little one.  I'm not real thrilled with my seaming, but for a first try, its coming out pretty well.

I hope all you moms out there had a great Mother's Day.  I was just happy to have my little ones with me. They both gave me special projects they made in school (which in my opinion is far better and more valuable to me than anything they could buy me) We went out and did some shopping and since my mom couldn't make it up we all got to video chat with her for a little while, which was very was the first time I ever did a video chat thing.  Then we had veggie lasagna for dinner which I had been looking forward to all weekend.  It was a pretty darn awesome day.

Well, I'm on my way for now to try to get those projects done so I can come back and share some photos. Hope you have a wonderful Monday!! Warmest country wishes!!


julieQ said...

Love your gratitudes, I agree with each and every one! Family, trees, shade, stitching time...alll wonderful in my book. enjoy!

QuiltedSimple said...

what great reasons to be happy!but can you believe this crappy ohio weather? i cannot believe how COLD it was this morning - and if you don't have the rain yet - it will be there shortly:)