Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just thinking out loud

Hi all, I can't say its been an interesting day at the Country Mouse homestead (I did have a mouseling home sick today). I did get a start on another knitted project. It is another handbag that is a lace pattern. Its not necessarily hard, but I do need to keep my focus or I can get lost. So far so good, though.

Unfortunately, my carpal tunnel started to flare, so I decided to look for a pattern for the baby quilt I want to make. I finally decided on the Old Bones pattern in the book More Quick Rotary Cutter Quilts, then went to my stash and started looking for fabrics I could use. Now for the thinking out loud I was going through everything I started to wonder, "I wonder if I could ever really use up most of my stash?" And honestly, I don't think mine is all that big. I have a three drawer bin with yardage (only 2 actually have fabric in them, the other is templates, tools, and a couple ongoing projects), a shoe box sized box with fat quarters, and 2 decent sized boxes with scraps.  I also have about 5 boxes (shoe box sized again and only about 1/2 full) with pre-cut strips, and 1 with strings and crumbs. As weired as it may sound, I would love to knock that in half or better. I love buying fabric, but I also love using it and I hate seeing it sitting there. I want it to be a quilt, or pillowcase, or handbag, or something!!  And I want to use it all. That's part of why I adore scrap quilts so much. I was wondering how others feel about their stash? Do you feel the way I do? Do you like having the fabric there for inspiration? Do you think its possible for a quilter to really use only from stash and really really reduce it down? It never fails for me that I still have to go to the store and find a fabric or two that I just don't seem to already have, but want to use. I'm sure I can't be the only one that happens to. I have to admit there are a few fabrics that just make my heart sing and I have such a hard time wanting to cut it up, but I know deep down I did buy it to use in a project some day. Maybe I just feel a little overwhelmed when I look at my sewing area and see the clutter, but then again let's be honest, how many people have a clean, neat, and organized sewing area all the time? Not me! Heck, I'm happy if even half my house is organized enough that I can find what I need some days.  Maybe its the fact that I still have a lot of fabric that was purchased before my LCE and I want to get it out of here, or maybe its that my tastes have changed a bit and I want to buy more of what I would like to use now but my space is so limited I don't know where I'm going to squeeze it in. Oh well, despite all of that thought...I know I'll still buy more. Maybe just not at too fast a rate ;cD Come on, I'm a quilter and just can't help myself :cP  Oh, and speaking of buying, even after I went through all I had, I probably will go out a buy just a couple "perfect" fat quarters for this quilt.

Well, thank for letting me ramble a bit. Right now I am strangely achy and sore so I think I'm just gonna take it easy and relax on the couch and watch some T.V.  Hopefully it will pass so I can get out for my walk tomorrow, and get my sewing machine humming. Hope you all have a wonderful day, warmest country wishes!!


QuiltedSimple said...

Interesting post. I don't have a huge stash, but I've been thinking i want to cut it down some......and i love your next knitted bag - the lace is lovely

Bev C said...

I hope your carpel tunnel has improved. I too are trying to use it up this year, but guess what bought half a metre of material the other day and a embroidery disc that had the cottons and needles with it. It was half price so that is my excuse. It is a good feeling though to make something out of what you have on hand. Have a great weekend.

julieQ said...

Sure hope you are feeling better...your knitting is just wonderful. I have way too many scraps, myself!