Monday, October 11, 2010

A little perspective

Hi all, sorry I've been gone so long.  I wanted to give you all a heads up and let you know that the first paragraph is a bit of an explanation of where I've been.  Its a little rambling and borders on a bit of a rant so if you want to skip it, feel free.  I won't be upset, its just stuff I felt I had to get off my chest.  Just skip down to the first picture and check out what I've been working on over the summer.  Thanks :cD

    Have you seen the movie Ratatouille?  There is a scene when Anton Ego comes into Gusteau's and when asked what he wants (he is going to write a review about the restaurant) he tells the waiter something along the lines of '...some you have a wine that would be a good accompaniment to that?'  And he gets it.  He not only gets a meal that reminds him of simpler, happier times, he finds out that cooking genius can take unexpected forms.  What does this have to do with me?  Well, over my hiatus I have taken a step back and given myself the chance to gain a little perspective.  I have to admit to almost giving up the blogging thing and just disappearing into obscurity.  Why?  Because, for whatever reason, I found myself falling into the trap (if you will) of thinking my joy in blogging was based on number of visitors or comments.  I was getting absolutely discouraged and thinking I was doing something wrong or was just plain boring (either of which may be true...those can be subjective terms of course) because I wasn't getting lots of visitors, or lots of commenters.  I mean hey, I do wonder how come some bloggers out there are capable of having 40 comments within the first 30 minutes after a post and I'm lucky to get 40 comments over the course of a couple months.  I also have to admit to becoming a bit disenchanted with the world of quilting.  I don't care to elaborate more because I really don't want to hurt any feelings or get any feathers ruffled, but let me just say I am not too very excited to get all involved with some of the online quilting stuff anymore (OK maybe there are a couple of exceptions).  I am still totally enamored with knitting and that has been the bulk of my crafting for the last 6 months or so, as well as Ravelry and learning how to crochet too.  Anyhoo....after taking that step back I have come to some conclusions.  First,  I've gotten back to the mindset that blogging (for me at least) is about having fun and sharing my passion for my craft of choice at the moment as well as life in general,  not numbers and visitors and comments.  If I even have one person come and visit and leave a comment that brings me joy.  To know I've made a connection with at least one person out there....that's pretty darn cool!  Second is not to get so easily discouraged.  Life can be tough, mine has had its share of ups and downs, and just cause something isn't going how I think it should doesn't mean I should give it up. Finally, I've learned to quit comparing myself to everyone else.  I have a competitive streak in me, and in my younger days I constantly compared myself to everyone, and made grand plans of how I could be better.  Even just a short time ago I would be running and be passed by younger, faster runners and think "what wrong with me?'  The honest answer...nothing.  I just had to reach the point in my life where I realize that a lot of those runners are probably 10 years younger than me, haven't been through what I have, and may not have all the responsibilities I do...and besides that, I'm doing the best I can do and no matter what that is in comparison to them, its MY best and I should be proud.  I am finally at the point in my life where I can look at the things I do and be happy with them for their own merit, not compared to everyone else.  There is truth in the saying about there will always be someone prettier, smarter, faster yada yada yada.  And so, I would like to thank any of you that took the time to listen to me ramble and am happy to say that I am ready to get back to doing what makes me happy....knitting, sewing, running, creating, and blogging :cD

                                                              On to the fun stuff!!

I've been doing lots of knitting. These are two little cuties I whipped up.  The bumblebee was for a co-worker.  They are so cute and quick I've though about knitting some up for unexpected surprises.  My first thought (being someone in the service industry) is a little something cute to leave for a good server along with a tip.  It's always fun getting something favorite story was I waited on a gentleman who had brought in a beautiful vase of flowers.  I thought it was for the couple he was dining with, but when the meal was over he looked at me and said "Here, these are for you.  You did a wonderful job."  It ended up he was a gardener who liked to make bouquets of the flowers he grew to leave as part of the tip he left for service staff.  How cool is that?!?!
I have continued to make toys.  LOVE them, so fun and so (relatively) fast.  The pig is going to be a gift, the zebra may end up as one well, and the teddies are going to be added to my growing collection of knitted teddies.  I am working on another teddy now and hope to have pics soon..

Also got a hat done for the cooler weather coming up.
Also I finally got brave and gave making sweaters a try.  My first attempt is the blue cardigan, which ended up not fitting me :(   ...but was perfect for my mom!  Then I found the pattern for the pink sweater and had to give it a try and I am thrilled with it.  I've actually worn it several times already.  My next sweater project?  One like the blue one in my size.  Both sweater patters were published in Simply Knitting magazine.

So as you can see I've been keeping myself busy.  Now we are finally getting back into a routine with school, and I am getting better at finding time for all the household chores and stuff as well as running and hobby stuff and enjoying the evenings with the kiddos.  I think I am finally coming into my own in a lot of ways so I am one happy mouse!!
Well, I am going to get on my way.  Life is so busy, even on my days off.  Hope you all have a wonderful day!!  Warmest country wishes!!

Country Mouse 


vtquilter said...

Glad you are blogging again. I don't get to check on you often but do enjoy seeing the things you make. Those animals are so cute and the sweaters are gorgeous. Glad you are enjoying your crafting and keep up the great work!

Bev C said...

Welcome back, JaDee you have been missed. Just love that knitting. I have servious knitting envy. Love the story about the man and the flowers,just beautiful.
Happy days.

Anita said...

Hi there Country Mouse! I am also new to blogging, only been at it for about 1 year. I love your knitting and I'm a mad knitter myself. I will visit again. Kind regards, Anita.

julieQ said...

I just love your have been doing some fabulous knitting! Wow!